Feb 16, 2017

Time to get busy.

In a few short weeks I’m coming up on an awful anniversary, it is a journey (at this point) of some 1966 steps. And even saying that number seems a bit smallish to me but the other number, the smaller simpler number is much more weighty.
You see, in a few short weeks I will be coming up on the eighth anniversary of the blog here.

That’s a bit stunning because 8 years is an awfully huge chunk of my life  - of anyone’s life when you think about it.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

Even more sobering to me is thinking of the other things I could accomplish as painlessly as it has been writing down my thoughts over the last eight years. I think about all the things I want to do that remain undone and think to myself, “Well, if I had the luxury of time I imagine I could finish that in about eight years.”

Perhaps more disturbing than anything are the things that are still the same about life. There was this line from Buckaroo Banzai it makes me think about, “Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” And here I am.

Here I am amidst all the chaos and unfinished projects and ideas I’ve had floating around.

Of course, a lot has happened over this period... new friends have come along, some old friends (or maybe not friends) are gone, people have died, beloved pets are no longer with us, women have come and gone, there have been jobs, 

 Actually... in a few short weeks, it will be 13 years since I started the blog!

Admittedly, the last year or two I have been very remiss in writing regularly. It seems in the last year or two I’ve actually let a bunch of creative outlets fall by the wayside very much to my own detriment.

But 13 years! Wow!

I was still kind of young when I started this damn thing! Where did the time go!

It’s a bit of a reminder, if I’m going to do something with myself... time to get busy! EVERY DAY IS PRECIOUS!

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